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The Sibillini mounts

130 hectares of protected area surrounding the natural source of Roana water, in the heart of the Sibillini mounts, one of the most enchanting and fascinating settings between the Marche and Umbria regions, with peaks over 2.000 meters.

Monti Sibillini

Consisting of rocks from the Jurassic period, dating back some 200 million years ago, the Sibillini are characterised  by imposing cliffs very similar to those in the Dolomites. 

The climate and the calcareous subsoil favour oak and chestnut tree woods and, above 1000 metres, beech woods. Here stands the majestic Mount Bove, 2.112 meters high, and it is along its imposing slopes, at 1.300 metres, that Roana mineral water springs naturally.


S.I.BE. the company which bottles Roana mineral water strives to protect and promote the area and especially Ussita which is one of the most beautiful and characteristic places of the Sibillini. Ussita , whose name is derived from the Latin “exitus”, is still the starting point for adventurous and fascinating excursions to the peaks of Mount Bove or Mount Bicco in the Sibillini Mountains.

Monti Sibillini
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